Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pleasantly surprised !!!

August 31 will be Dimarco's last day at the BI. He has come so far these past (nearly) 2 years thanks to the children's college. Come September he will be attending our home school in Kitchener. I was a bit worried after hearing many horror stories about the school board and special needs children, IPRC's, IEP's and the constant struggles between parents and the school system. My home school has agreed to come visit Dimarco at the BI. There will be 2 board staff members and 2 school staff members (EA and next years teacher). My home school has also welcomed the BI to come visit with DImarco as part of his transition process. What a great way to start off our journey! It's nice to see such co-operation..I'm feeling very optimistic and proud of my home school. I'm so blessed to have the Behaviour Institute guiding us. I feel like Dimarco has the best start possible with the BI, our home school and myself in his corner... :) The BI has also developed a series of classes designed for EA's, teachers and parents. Participants will be trained in ABA-based supported inclusion of students with autism in general education classrooms. You can visit to get more details if your interested. I'm hoping Dimarco's EA and teacher will take advantage of this great educational opportunity!
Here's to hoping all other parents of ASD children are also 'pleasantly surprised''s time to see some possitivity and co-operation between parents and the school system :) I would love to hear some more possitive experiences ;)

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