Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wishing Sebastian a great 6th birthday :)


  1. Hi Tanny,

    After talking to you today I decided to check out and came upon your blog. You are an amazing Mom Tanny. I certainly feel for you and all the challenges you are going through. Having a child with Autism is not easy to say the least. I feel the same guilt, search for the same answers, pray the same prayers and like you have trouble sleeping at night ( It's 1am right now and I still have to get things ready for tomorrow.) I feel blessed and 'crushed' at the same time. I have such a wonderful son but it kills me to see how difficult things are for him. It can be overwhelming at times. I want to try everything I can to help my son. At times I feel like I am drowning in a sea of special needs. It can consume you and change who you are. When things got to be 'too much' someone told me," You have to save yourself before you can save someone else" She gave me the analogy of a lifeguard being pulled down by someone who is drowing. You have to be strong to help someone. That means 'us Moms' need to take care of ourselves. I never really got that. It's so easy to say...take care of yourself. I still struggle with it. But I remind myself daily and try to enjoy the little pleasures in life and it has helped so much. I pray that God gives you the guidance you need to make the right choices for Dimarco and that he gives you the clarity to take time for yourself when you need it most. Take care,

    Miriam...Alex's Mom

  2. Hi Tanny,

    Can you please email me. My son is on the spectrum but closer to the mild to moderate side so I don't think he'll qualify for the provincially funded aba program. We just had his assessment and they told me he probably won't be eligible. This is ridiculous because his progress to date is a direct result of his privately funded aba. I would like to know about your struggles with the ministry and regional agency and see if there's anything i should do...