Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm Back :)

Well it was an interesting Tuesday night. I went to class and I had a mild breakdown..I didn't realize how difficult the class would be for me. I'm the only parent student and therefore am using my son in all of the assignments. I'm picking out the 'autism' in him. I hate that! The facilitator is an amazing woman. Her nephew has Aspergers, so she has been touched personally by it and it is very easy to see her passion about helping this population. Shes very intuitive! I try to block out stories about bad experiences when they are being shared in class. Some of the stories and issues many of the front line staff deal with, scares me. I'm not ready to hear them yet. I cover my ears and doodle on a piece of paper, trying desperatly not to activly listen to such stories. She noticed this and was so sweet to call me on my cell as I was driving home to make sure I was ok. Our kids are so lucky to have such a person on their side! Next week is the final exam, I feel pretty confident about the material being tested so I'm not to stresses out about it.
I spent the remainder of last night and the early part of today in the hospital with my dad. Mr. do it yourself, fell off a ladder stumbled to get his ballance, fell on his lower back and slammed the back of his head with full force on the garage door. It was frightening! I took him to the hospital immidiately. He was dizzy, nausous and felt extream pressure in the frontal part of his head. We still had to wait 5 hours in the ER. I thought head trauma would be looked after immidiately (I WAS WRONG)! He's feeling a lot better now. He had to be woken up during the night, so i called him at 4:00am, and he said he was feeling much better...thank God.
TO DO LIST>>>get dad a helmet for do it yourself projects around the house ;)

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